How to Choose the Right Tumbler Heat Press for Sublimation

The tumbler heat press machine provides a perfect way of printing designs on tumblers. Unlike other heat press machines used to print designs on caps, t-shirts, and other items, this machine has specific features, which make it ideal for this given purpose. However, finding a tumbler heat press can be difficult as you have to consider several things, such as size, heat distribution, and temperature. These are the factors to consider when choosing a tumbler heat press for sublimation.

Shape and Size

The ideal size of your tumbler press should be determined by the mugs you are printing on and available space at your disposal. For instance, if you have limited space, you should go for a clam shell type of heat press. If you have adequate space, you should get a larger model that can perform multiple prints on several mugs at a go.

It is also advisable to pay attention to the shape of the tumbler heat press. Remember that tumbler design prints cannot be done on a flat surface. If you are using it to print other types of cups, you should get 5-in-1 press.


This is another vital thing to consider when choosing a tumbler heat press for sublimation. In fact, many buyers focus on things such as temperature, versatility, and pressure, but forget that safety is equally important. This is the case if you are opting for clam shell presses as you are required to place your hands under heat plates. Therefore, you should opt for a larger model with adequate space between top and bottom plates. However, if safety is an issue, you are better with a swing-type press.


The number of tumblers and mugs you print on will determine the best heat press for you. Do you want a press that prints 50 mugs per hour, or you need a machine for occasional printing? Nowadays, you can find Industry-level machines that produce higher volume in limited period. Remember that smaller machines are cost-friendly, whereas those with higher output are more expensive.


Where will you place your tumbler heat press? Does it have a dedicated space in your home or office? This is a vital decision to answer as some presses are quite cumbersome. Thus, if you want to move your tumbler heat press around, you should go for a light and compact machine.

Heat Distribution

Other than size, you should also consider the temperature range of your heat press. This is because temperature has an impact on the type of tumblers you can print on. Most tumblers do not require more than 400 degrees Fahrenheit. Also, you should ensure you choose a heat press that distributes heat uniformly.


When choosing your tumbler heat press, you should also focus on ease of use. If you are a professional in this field this should not be a problem. There are certain features such as timer and temperature control that make it easy to use the machine.



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